We Condemn the Executions of Egyptians , 2/26/2019

The execution of nine youths by Egyptian authorities last week is clearly a case of unjust ruling. We strongly condemn these executions and urge the perpetrators in the judicial council to reflect on Egypt’s long history. It is the land of prophet Moses, prophet Yusuf and many righteous men which had fought steadfastly on upholding justice; even when facing defeat, torture and utmost cruelty by wicked dictators of the ancient pharaohs, and even the modern ones.

The coup regime had rule over the people by acts of violence and through reckless disregard of law. These executions are nothing but another misuse of law, as these youths are given death sentences without being granted the right for attorney and undergoes numerous tortures.

It seems that upholding the rule of law are meaningless rhetoric for western countries. Thus it is no surprise that they have no qualms with this unlawful execution by a coup regime. Let their silence be a constant reminder that resonates throughout world on how imperious they are in regard to human rights and humanity.

Even so, unfortunately we also did not hear strong objections from Islamic countries. The Union of NGOs of the Islamic World (UNIW) together with our members, strongly reaffirm that we highly condemn this unjust execution and also of the ongoing detention and persecution of Mohammed Morsi and his companions which are treated in absence of lawful rights.

We greatly denounce the unfair ruling and urge every institution and the international community, especially the United Nations (UN) to act accordingly, and put a stop to this acts of lawlessness.


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