UNIW Condemns the Massacre That Took Place Last Friday in New Zealand , 3/15/2019

The inhumane tragedy that took place during Friday prayer at New Zealand had deeply shaken and scarred the entire Islamic world. We wish for Allah’s blessing upon our martyrs and we pray for speedy recovery to the wounded.

This act of terror is the manifestation of racist and anti-Islamism that had been fueled by the western media and irresponsible politicians.

This attack on innocent civilians in mosques during Friday prayer is not only an act against Muslims but also against all humankind.

The attack is not an unprovoked incident, but a result of persistent hate speech and bigotry that are widely circulated by the western world. Such fascist approach aims to drag our nations back into the dark pits of history.

The most gallant response to such attacks is to promulgate unity and solidarity among ourselves, and among the East and the West. Our New Zealand brothers are not alone. The Islamic world stands firm in its emphatic sense and will not allow these heinous actions achieve its ambitions.

At UNIW, we strongly condemn this terrorist attack and we urge all institutions and organizations, especially the UN to take concrete steps to prevent this situation from happening again.


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