23rd Council Meeting , 4/29/2018

23rd Council Meeting
Galadari Hotel, Colombo, Sri Lanka
April 28, 2018 - Saturday

General Evaluation

Secretary General Mr. Ali Kurt made a general assessment of the project realized since the previous council meeting and gave information on the recent works. He shared the actual information about the ongoing projects. All participants introduced themselves and presented their organizations so as meet with the recently elected members. Later on, Mr. Kurt made a brief presentation on UNIW and its activities since its foundation. Important activities involved from the beginning of this year are also shared with participants.


 In summary:

14-15 February, Sudan- Somali NGOs Meetings of Regional Countries, Khartum, Hergesi, Mogadishu

9-13 March, Congress of International Muslim Women Union, Lahore, Pakistan

30 March- 5 April ICNA-MAS Congress, Baltimore, USA

04 April, The Conference of Social Security and its Influence on Ummah, Amman


Later, the following main topics were evaluated.


  1. 2nd and 3rd International NGOs Fairs

2nd NGOs Fair, which is made with participation of 165 institutions from 35 countries in the end of last year, the feedbacks from the panels organized as part of the fair, and the outcomes of the fair are evaluated. The stand and workshop plans of the 3rd NG0s Fair, to be realized in the end of this year, are also presented.

  1. International Kashmir Conference

Information on the participants of second International Kashmir Conference, planned to be organized during 2018, speakers, the content of the conference, main subjects, and the budget are shared. In the aftermath of the Council meeting, it is informed that a passage to Pakistan for this purpose will take place, where consultations on conference will be also made.

  1. Sokullu Complex

Our members are informed about Sokullu Madrasah in the  Eyup district of Istanbul  assigned to us as the headquarter of UNIW: its settlement plan, the state of the restoration process, its renewed roof design,  the furnishing of the new headquarter, and its general budget.

  1. International Family Institute

Participants were informed on IFI International Family Conference, Family agreement, IFI action plan, and IFI work desks. Information about the participation of Co-president Mrs. Rabia to the Congress of International Muslim Women Union, organized in Pakistan a month ago, and her conversation with Mrs. Samia Raheel Qazi was also shared with the participants.

  1. Africa Congress

Mr. Abdurrahim Ali Muhammad from Sudan provided information on International African Congress. He recounted that many European missionaries have been working under the specter of diplomatic mission or NGOs in many countries in Africa, in Khartoum, for the first time they made a decision to make an African Congress with the cooperation of UNIW. He told that this congress will be the first step and basis of the our activities in African.

  1. ICR - International Consortium for Rohingya

Latest information on Arakan Consultation Meeting, organized under the auspices of UNIW Humanitarian Aid Platform and its  International Consortium For Rohingya, which is founded as a result of this meeting were shared Mr. Abdus Shakoor provided information on the situation in Arakan and ICR.

  1. Young UNIW and 14th IYG

The president of the Young UNIW Serdar Bayram made a presentation and provided information on IYM, Country Specialization School and Arakan aid campaign, the project of “Become the Voice of the Silence.” He stated that 13th IYG is organized until so far, and the 14th IYG will be realized on September 2018 in Pakistan, Lahor with the theme of “Unity for Peace”.

  1. International Civil Society Academy

Information was given on ICSA project, which is one of our important projects in 2018 action plan.  The members of the Council were asked to inform the names of the people who can give support and lessons from their countries as a part of this project.

  1. 24th Council Meeting

It was decided that our fortcoming council meeting will be realized in Germany Köln under the auspices of our member, Wefa.

  1. New Membership Applications

NGOs, listed below and recently applied for membership to our Unity, are accepted for membership with the 23. Council decision.


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