III. International NGO Fair , 11/17/2018


With the collaboration of the Union of NGOs of the Islamic World (UNIW) and Turkey's Voluntary Organizations Foundation (TGTV), we have organized the 2nd International NGO Fair that we held last year in Yenikapı Eurasia Exhibition and Art Center and 163 corporation from 35 countries has participated.

Along with major NGOs who participated in the exhibition, Ministry of Family and Social Policies, Youth and Sports Ministry, YTB, Maarif Foundation, Yunus Emre Institution, Turkey's Human Rights and Equality Institution (TİHEK), AFAD, The Red Crescent, Turkish Religious Foundation, Anatolian News Agency and IMM(Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality) are participated too as well as the AK Party Headquarters and the Istanbul Women's Branch. In this way, there has been a meeting, synergy, interaction and serious cooperation among these institutions.

Our two-day long fair received more than ten thousand visitors.

Throughout the fair, our NGOs, who have participated from almost every corner of the world in a broad perspective from Asia-Pacific to South Asian countries, from the Middle East to the Gulf countries, from Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa to Europe and America, shared their activities and projects.

If all being well, this year, we will carry out the third NGO Fair on November 17-18 (Saturday-Sunday) again at Yenikapi Eurasia Culture and Art Center but this time we will make it bigger and broader.

In the same concept as last year, except this time the conference parts will not take place, we are planning workshops aiming for a consultative ground between the NGOs which operate similar activities for two days.

We would like our members who would like to participaate in the 3rd NGO Fair to share, the both audio and visual media in addition to the documents that are presenting their activities such as brochures, booklets etc. prepared in Turkish, Arabic and English, with both participating NGOs and visitors.

In this important event, our intended population are NGOs themselves rather than the outer visitors. We aim to establish a sustainable relationship and cooperation between the organizations alongside the consultation and meeting.

Organizations that are wishing to participate in the NGO Fair are expected to get in contact with the UNIW Secretariat via the following mail accounts and telephone numbers without delay.

In order to provide convenient and easy access to the exhibition area, we will be in cooperation with the IMM(Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality) and shuttle buses will be provided at points of Yenikapi Marmaray subway station, in addition to the venue of our participating NGOs.

You can donwload 3rd International NGO Fair book from here.


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