24th Council Meeting , 9/22/2018

24th Council Meeting
21-22 September 2018
Cologne/Dusseldorf - Germany

Participants from different parts of the world, who came in order to conduct the 24th Council Meeting of the UNIW, met in Cologne on 21 September 2018. WEFA International Humanitarian Aid Organization’s headquarters in Cologne were visited on the first day of the program. WEFA President Mr. Hakan Musab Aydın expressed his pleasure of hosting the participants in the center of WEFA. He said that Ramadan, as an institution that delivers humanitarian aid to 70 different countries and regions since its establishment in 2006, continues its activities in many fields such as orphan sponsorship, orphanage work, water wells and cataract operations as well as victim campaigns. Then in the following city tour and the dinner, the participants moved to Dusseldorf.

On the second day of the program, the 24th Council Meeting took place in Dusseldorf NH City Nord hotel with Quran recitation. After the agenda and the participant’s introduction, the meeting was held.

In the morning session, our Secretary General Av. Ali Kurt made a presentation that summarized the activities of UNIW.

Our Deputy Secretary General Mr. Eyüp Akbal gave information about the International NGO Fair, will be held on 17-18 November 2018, and its planning. The 2nd NGO Fair, organized last year with the participation of 163 institutions from 35 countries, has been made some evaluations about the panels and side events performed together with the fair.

Co-Chair of Women, Family and Youth Commission of UNIW Dr. Rabiye Yilmaz gave information about the International Family Institute (UAE) with the planned High Advisory Board meeting of the upcoming period, meetings held in Sudan and Pakistan International Muslim Women's Union (IMWU) meetings. Likewise, during our visit to Morocco, the information of the meetings with the NGOs of the UAE NCC were shared.

President of Kashmiri American Council and Member of the UNIW Council Dr. Syed Ghulam Nabi Fai shared information about the participants of the 2nd International Kashmir Conference, which was planned to be held in 2019, its speakers, the conference content and topics and the visit to Pakistan.

In 2019, the details of the African conference planned to be held in Sudan Khartoum were evaluated in this congress, in cooperation with UNIW .Our member Sudan-based Munazzama El-Dawa will be hosted by Al-Islamiyya and NGOs from 40 countries will come together. Considerations of other participants were noted on this subject.

Mr.Abdus Shakoor the President of Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan and Deputy Secretary General of UNIW, gave an update on the activities of the International Rohingya Consortium (ICR) and its activities under the UNIW Humanitarian Platform.

Information was shared on the International Civil Society Academy project, one of our important works in 2018’s action plan. Cooperation with Istanbul University was evaluated.

Umer Farooq, head of the UNIW Asia-Europe Desk, by sharing information on the 14th International Youth Meeting (IYG), immediately following the meeting of the Council, stated that the meeting will be held in Lahore, Pakistan between 28 September - 2 October 2018 with the theme “Unity for Peace’’ and made explanations about agenda.

In the continuation of the program, the General Director on behalf of the Turkish Red Crescent. Ibrahim Altan, ASSAM Justice Defenders Strategic Studies, President of Center Association and President Adviser Adnan Paşa Tanriverdi, Turkey Youth Foundation (TÜGV) on behalf of President Ismail Emanet, Turkey Youth NGOs Platform (TGSP) on behalf of Board Member Metin Uçar did presentations on their organizations and activities they realized.

WEFA family therapist Mrs. Bahar Karahan made a presentation about Integration of Foreigners in Europe and the Refugee Problem in Europe

In the last part of the meeting, the administrative issues were evaluated with the participation of the members of the Council and the past and future programs were discussed.

The 24th Council meeting ended with the Quran and prayer.

The names and organizations of the participants are as follows:

  1. Ali Kurt, UNIW Secretary-General
  2. Eyüp Akbal, UNIW Deputy Secretary General
  3. Hakan Musab Aydın, WEFA
  4. Ahmad Azam Bin Rahman, Society For The Enlightenment of the Ummah, Malaysia
  5. Abdus Shakoor, Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan
  6. Syed Ghulam Nabi Fai, Kashmiri American Council USA
  7. Ade Salamun Basri, LAZIS Dewan Dakwah Islamiyah Indonesia
  8. S M Rasheduzzaman, SAWAB Bangladesh
  9. Suripto Djoko Said, Indonesian Humanitarian Committee Indonesia
  10. Imad Said, The Awareness And Consolation Association Lebanon
  11. Oke Setiadi Affendi, Indonesian Humanitarian Committe
  12. Adnan Tanrıverdi, The Principal Consultant of President of the Republic of Turkey
  13. Kerem Kınık, Turkish Red Crescent
  14. İbrahim Altan, Turkish Red Crescent
  15. İsmail Emanet, Turkey Youth Foundation (TUGVA)
  16. Metin Uçar, Turkey Youth NGOs Platform (TGSP)
  17. Abdulahad Abdurahman, East Turkistan Education and Solidarity Association Turkey
  18. Tuncer Akalın, Ihlas Foundation Turkey
  19. Osman Gül, Ihlas Foundation Turkey
  20. Yahyahan Güney, Doctors Worldwide Association Turkey
  21. Cevdet Şanlı, Beşir Foundation Turkey
  22. Muhammet Demirci, Mirasımız(Our Heritage) Foundation Turkey
  23. Abdulhamit Erten, UNIW Turkey
  24. Rabiye Yılmaz, UNIW Turkey
  25. Umer Farooq, UNIW Turkey
  26. Soner Çokyiğit, Turkey Youth Foundation (TUGVA)
  27. Reyhan Babalıoğlu, KASAV Turkey
  28. Rayan Said, The Awareness And Consolation Association Lebanon
  29. Basmah Nusaibah, Indonesian Humanitarian Committee Indonesia
  30. Nur Halimah Suripto,Indonesian Humanitarian Committe Indonesia
  31. Muhammed Kamrul Hasan, SAWAB England
  32. Hüseyin Gündüz, (IHH) Humanitarian Relief Foundation Netherland


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