UNIW NGOs Meeting in Sudan , 2/18/2018

As a part of UNIW’s 2018 visit schedule, Sayyap Eljar, who’s the head of Africa and Middle East Desk, visited Sudan between 18 February 2018 - 2 March 2018.Ittihadu’l Amm li’l Mer’eti’s Sudaniye, Munazzamatu’l Munteda, Munazzamatu’l Ishrak li’t Tenmiye ve’l I’mar, Muessesetu Mearic li’s Selam ve’t Tenmiye, Munazzamatu’d Daveti’l Islamiye, Munazzamatu’l Mihere, Munazzamatu’l Zubair’l Hayriye, Muessesetu Senedu’l Hayriye, Ittihadu’n Nisai’l Islami’l Alemi and Munazzamatu Mesari’i Istikrari’s Sebab were visited.

Consultations were held with NGOs representatives on the possible collaborations and the African Congress Project on the agenda. General problems of the region and UNIW’s contributions to the solution were discussed in detail.

NGOs that have been informed about UNIW and its activities, expressed their satisfaction and pointed out that they will be in close link with UNIW in the future.


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