Kashmir Panel on Global and Regional Politics , 10/27/2016

The Secretariat General of UNIW gave speech at Kashmir Panel on Global and Reginonal Politics which organized by South Asian Strategic Research Center (GASAM) and Fatih Sultan Mehmet Foundation University. General Secretary Atty. Ali Kurt mentioned these topics at his talk:  

“Distinguished Guests, Think of a Hilful Fudul! The Prophet (saw) said about them; “If they were at our time I would attend them!" Where is that union that promise to provide social justice and peace and tried to take right of oppressed from wrongdoers and where is United Nations that covers its unbelievable injustices easily? In fact it should be the only institution that can provide world peace but they plays three ostrich in front of strong stakeholders but become eagle on oppressed people. Today UN only provide problems not the solutions. The whole world and India have to show understanding to the free will of Kashmir people. Islamic World which the Prophet (saw) defines them “the ummah of unity” should recognize their problem and support them.  Especially in this context, all NGOs have serious responsibilities against this problem. 


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