Muslim Judicial Council (MJC) / Güney Afrika

Muslim Judicial Council (MJC)
مجلس القضاء الإسلامي
(Müslüman Fukaha Konseyi)

Member No: 193
The Date and Place of the Membership: 19 January 2011, Pakistan (11th Council)
The Date and Place of the Foundation: 10 February 1945, Cape Town
The Field of Activity: Education, Calling and Invitation
Country: South Africa
President: Shaykh Irafaan Abrahams

Short Presentation
Muslim Judicial Council (MJC) was founded in the city of Cape Town in 1945 by 62 Muslim scholars. Council is the first structure representing Muslims in South Africa. MJC is working  in the three main area.
Muslim Cemetery It put  pressure on the state in order to have a separate cemetery for Muslims in all cities in South Africa.
Religious Affairs (Education): The Council provides religious education to Muslims in South Africa and it also attempts to relay non-Muslims to embrace Islam
Humanitarian aid: Urgent aid, Health, qurban and distribution of food during Ramadan.

Shaykh Irafaan Abrahams

Vice President
Abdul Khaliq Allie
Abdul Khaliq Allie, who was born in 1962 in South Africa, graduated from Shahadah Al Alimiyyah University Islamic Sciences faculty in 1986.
He served as an imam of Malmesbury Mosque between 1984-2005 and gave religion courses at Malmesbury prison. He took on following missions:
Founding member of Sinethemba Foundation which made studies about HIV/AIDS awareness (2000)
Secretary of Boland Islamic Council (1992-1994)
Security Inspector of Halal MJC (Muslim Judgement Committee) (1997-2006)
Education Observer at Bolan Islamic Council (2005-2016)
General Secretary of MJC (2006-2016)
Mr. Abdul Khaliq who was the manager of African Health Care Institute in 2011 promoted the establishment of Social Development Institute of West Cape Administration.
He is continuing several missions like MJC representative, Executive Committee member of WCRLF (Western Cape Religious Leaders Forum), representative of UUCSA (United Ulama Council of South Africa) and representative of social care department of Jerusalem Foundation.
He is a council member of UNIW and can speak English, Arabic and Urdu. He is married and father of six children.

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