Alfarouk Organization

Munazzatü’l Faruk
منظمة الفاروق
Alfarouk Organisation
(Faruk Derneği)

Membership Number: 322
Membership Date and Place: 16 January 2016, Saudi Arabia (20th Council)
Year Founded and Place: 2006, Mali
Area of Activities: Education and Culture, Health, Humanitarian Aid, Other
Country: Mali
President: Ibrahim Contao

Short Introduction
Alfarouk Organisation is a non-governmental organization that carries out human development projects in various fields. Its activities include food distribution, countering starvation, development, clean water supply, construction and public housing, and public awareness. It was founded in Bamako in 1994 by businessmen who devoted themselves to charity. It works actively in every part of the country. In order to stimulate the development pace of the society, Alfarouk Organisation pays utmost attention to meet the needs of the people and work intensively for this cause.

Ibrahim Contao

Hamd Allah Asi 'ii 2000. Share: 365 Bab: 71 Bamakw, Jumhuriatan Maliun
Telephone: +223 202 950 64

Update: 29.05.2019


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