Turkish Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics Association

Türkiye İktisadi Girişim ve İş Ahlakı Derneği (İGİAD)
جمعية المبادرة الاقتصادية و أخلاق العمل التركية
Turkish Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics Association

Membership Number: 53
Membership Date and Place: 23 March 2006, Turkey (1st Council)
Year Founded and Place: 2003, Istanbul
Area of Activities: Education and Culture, Youth, Research and Analysis, Business World
Country: Turkey
President: Ayhan Karahan

Brief Introduction
Founded in 2003 in İstanbul, Turkish Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics Association (IGIAD) is an NGO that is active in the fields of business ethics and entrepreneurship. IGIAD aims to create an ethical awareness in the business world through its informative and educational activities and publications prepared to encourage entrepreneurship and promote business ethics. With its approximately 250 members who are consisted of business people, academicians and professional employees, IGIAD is one of the first institutions that have brought up the issue of business ethics to the agenda of the business world in Turkey. In order to attain its goals, IGIAD organizes educational programs such as seminars, and symposiums; publishes an academic journal, books. IGIAD publishes a periodical newsletter, an academic journal, and books; holds sectoral meetings and organizes a variety of social and cultural events.

Ayhan Karahan

Maltepe Neighborhood Eski Cirpici Yolu Street No:1 Merter Meridyen Is Center Zeytinburnu, Istanbul
Telephone: +90 212 544 96 00
Email: info@igiad.org.tr
Web: www.igiad.org.tr

Update: 14.05.2019


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