Direct Aid Society

Cem'iyetü'l Avni'l Mubaşir
جمعية العون المباشر
Direct Aid Society
(Doğrudan Yardım Derneği)

Membership Number: 343
Membership Date and Place: 07 December 2017, Turkey (22th Council)
Year Founded and Place: 1981, Kuwait
Area of Activities: Education and Culture, Youth, Women and Family, Health, Humanitarian Aid
Country: Kuwait
President: Dr. Abdurrahman Salih El Muhaylan

Short Introduction

Direct Aid Society started its activities in 1981 under the name of “Lecnetu Muslimi Melavi”. As its working areas in the Africa region expanded, it changed its name to “Lecnetu Muslimi Africa”. As of today, Direct Aid Society continues its activities in 31 African countries and also in Yemen. Its activity areas are providing assistance to the people in need, orphans, women, widows and elders.

Dr. Abdurrahman Salih El Muhaylan

Telefon: +965 188 668 88

Update: 20.05.2019


  •  Defterdar Mh. Savaklar Cd. Emin Baba Köşkü No:1
  • Edirnekapı - Eyüp , İstanbul / TÜRKİYE
  •   Tel: +90 212 531 52 52
  •  Fax: +90 212 532 22 80
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