Kashmiri American Council / ABD

Kashmiri American Council
المجلس الكشميري الأمريكي
(Keşmir Amerikan Konseyi)

Member ID: 43
Date and Place of Membership: 31 December 2005, Founding Member
Date and Place of Foundation: Washington
Area of Activity: Law and Human Rights, Research and Analysis
Country: USA
President: Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai

Short Introduction
Kashmir American Council was founded in the US in order to create awareness and further advocate on the Kashmir crisis to the public. Its main purpose is to assess the situation of Kashmir in thoroughly and promote solutions regarding the crisis. Every year, the council periodically brings the problem of Kashmir to the attention of UN, OIC and other international conferences.

Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai
He was born in Kashmir in 1949. Following his graduation from Pennsylvania Temple University in the Department of Mass Media, he received his master's degree from Aligarh University, India.
He is the Secretary General of the World Kashmir Awareness Forum and the founding chairman of the International Foundation for Kashmir Studies and the Kashmir National Press.
In 1992 and 1993 he attended UN World Human Rights Conferences. He was elected as president of the World's Unrepresented Nations (UPN).
He Participated in several OIC summits, which are 1981 Mecca-Saudi Arabia, 1992 Dakar-Senegal, 1994 Casablanca-Morocco, 1997 Tehran-Iran, 2000 Doha-Qatar, 2003 Putrajaya-Malaysia, 2008 Dakar-Senegal, with the title of "Genuine Representative of the Kashmiri People".
Dr. Fai received many awards as he has been organizing International Kashmiri Conferences in many centers such as Capitol Hill-Washington, New York, Montevideo-Uruguay and for over forty years, he has been one of the leading advocacy activists in the world about Kashmir.
He participated in meetings in more than forty countries and his writings were published in leading newspapers and magazines in the world.
He is a member of the UNIW Council and speaks fluent English and Urdu. Fai is married and father of seven children.

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Web: www.kashmiri.com

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