Bayrampasa Green Mosque Foundation for Serving Knowledge

Bayrampaşa Yeşil Cami İlme Hizmet Vakfı
وقف بيرم باشا الجامع الاخضر لخدمة العلم
Bayrampasa Green Mosque Foundation for Serving Knowledge
Membership Number: 66
Membership Date and Place: 23 March 2006, Turkey (1st Council)
Foundation Year and Place: 1986, Istanbul
Work Field: Education and Culture, Humanitarian Aid
Country: Turkey
President: Abdullah Ustaosmanoğlu
Short Introduction
Our association The Sustainability of the Qur'an Institute, Bayrampaşa Yeşil Cami (Green Mosque in Bayrampaşa district, Istanbul), which was founded in 1963 to provide educational and social services to people, acquired the identity of endowment (foundation) in 1986 called the Bayrampasa Green Mosque Foundation for Serving Knowledge. In addition, it still provides religious education services to about 1000 students annually, and educational grants for about 500 orphan families. The Wakf provides services in our branches: The Institute of Teaching Qur'an Taşoluk for boys of primary school graduates, and The Institute of Teaching Quran Bayrampaşa Yeşil Cami (Green Mosque) for middle school (preparatory) graduates, and The Institute of Teaching Qur'an Taşoluk (Green Mosque in Taşoluk, Arnavutköy/Istanbul) for girls of middle school graduates.
  • Quran lectures, teaching basic religious information
  • Hafiz lessons
  • Etiquette (do’s and don’ts), faith, worship, politics, moral lessons, along with the memorisation education
  • Routine Gallipoli sightseeing
  • Food banquets for successful students
  • Trips to historical places for all students, bosporus tours and other various programs
Abdullah Ustaosmanoğlu
was born in Trabzon. After completing Hafiz, he joined Arabic and education lessons. In 1957 he took his diploma and started to work as an honorary imam-hatip in Küçükköy Central Mosque . Abdullah Hocaefendi, who was appointed as an honorary imam-hatip in the Bayrampaşa Yeşil Mosque, prior to its official establishment in 1963, then officially began his job as imam. He represented Turkey along with hafizes from domestic and abroad. He had been one of the committee member, which opened the first Qur'an course in Cyprus in 1973 and built five mosques, especially the Central Mosque in Almaata, which was the capital of Kazakhstan during those years. After serving 42 years and 5 months as imam-hatip and teaching Quran, in 2001 he retired but still has been providing his precious counsel ever since . He is married and he got two children, with one of them is hafiz, and he got hundreds more sons which he had trained and educate to be hafiz.
İsmetpaşa Nbhd. Yeşil Cami Str. No:5 Bayrampaşa, İstanbul
Tel: +90 212 544 57 17

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