Indonesian Humanitarian Committee

Komite Kemanusiaan Indonesia (KKI)
اللجنة الإنسانية الإندونيسية
Indonesian Humanitarian Committee
(Endonezya İnsani Yardım Komitesi)

Member No: 44
The Date and Place of the Membership: 31 Dcember 2005, Founding member
The Date and Place of the Foundation: 1998, Jakarta
The Field of Activity:  Humanitarian Aid
Country: Indonesia
President: Oke Sediati Affendi

Short Presentation
KKI (Indonesian Humanitarian Committee) is an innovative humanitarian aid organization that focus its activities into two major segments: Permanent Projects and Situational\Incidental Projects. Its Permanent Projects are in constant developments throughout the year, while its Situational/Incidental Projects will be carried out accordingly based on donor preference or due to any provisional situations.

Oke Sediati Affendi
He was born in Jakarta, Indonesia in 1971. He got his master’s degree in Islam Economy from Islamabad International Islam University.
Affendi, who is a council member of UNIW, had crucial missions in several NGO’s like chief executive of Asia and Pacific Ocean Community for Palestine and general secretary of Mathla’ul Anwar.
Affendi is still maintaining his position as the chief executive of Indonesian Humanitarian Committee which has efficient works on humanitarian aid.
He is married and has three children. He can speak English, Arabic and Hindi on an advanced level.

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