Caucasia Foundation

Kafkas Vakfı
مؤسسة القوقاز
Caucasia Foundation

Membership Number: 99
Membership Date and Place: 23 June 2007, Netherlands (4th Council)
Year Founded and Place: 1995, Istanbul
Area of Activities: Education and Culture, Law and Human Rights, Research and Analysis, Humanitarian Aid, Business World
Country: Turkey
President: Muhammed Samil Tok

Brief Introduction
The Caucasia Foundation is a non-governmental organization that carries out activities for the protection and development of the socio-cultural identities of Caucasians in Caucasia and the diaspora. It was founded by 21 people together with the founding president Fethi Güngör. Fethi Güngör, M. Nüzhet Çetinbaş and İsmail Tunçbilek presided at the foundation respectively.

Providing financial support to educational institutions in the Caucasia
Providing scholarships to students
Periodical publications such as bulletin and strategy magazine
Internet publishing at

Muhammed Samil Tok

Hirka-i Serif Nbhd. Fevzi Pasa Str. No:179/5 34091 Fatih, İstanbul
Telephone: +90 212 531 25 66

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