The İslamic Relief Association For Orphans and Poor

El Cem'iyetü'l İslamiye li İgaseti'l Eytam ve'l Muhtacin
الجمعية الإسلامية لإغاثة الأيتام والمحتاجين
The İslamic Relief Association For Orphans and Poor
Yetim ve Muhtaç Yardım Derneği

Membership Number: 331
Membership Date and Place: 29 May 2016, Malaysia (21st Council)
Year Founded and Place: 1996, Palestine
President: Dr. Ali Al-Kettani

Short Introduction
In 1996, it was established by some young people within the Palestinian Islamic Movement to help the orphaned and the needy Palestinians. This association was re-established after the closure of the Lecnet’ül İgaseti’l İslamiye by the Israeli government. The association assists orphans and advocates the unity of the Palestinian people. As orphans are mentioned more than 20 times in the Holy Qur'an, the association continues to work as a gate of goodness and compassion for orphans. This association also extends support for the widows of the martyrs and the spouses of the detainees, as these mothers and their children require every support from the society.

Dr. Ali Al-Kettani

Telephone: +039 379 826

Update: 29.05.2019



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