Darusselam Foundation

Darusselam Vakfı
وقف دار السلام
Darusselam Foundation

Membership Number:155
Membership Date and Place: 01 June 2009, Turkey (7th Council)
Year Founded and Place: 1995, İstanbul
Area of Activities: Education and Culture, Youth, Woman and Family, Tableegh and Da’wah
Country: Turkey
President: Nurettin Gazi Misirli

Brief Introduction
Darusselam Foundation was founded in 1995. It provides all sorts of educational services in align with the deed and legislation framework for both Turkish citizens and foreigners who reside in Turkey, either as students, business, etc. It welcoes the participation of academics and professionals such as doctors, engineers, businessmen into the social and economic realms of Turkey as a national and humanitarian mission.

Providing educational facilities to students such as scholarships, dormitories, in-kind and cash benefits.
Contributing to education by providing equipment
Building education and training facilities and organizations
Modification, adjunction and renovation of already existing ones
Building sports facilities, and modification, adjunction, expansion and maintenance of already existing ones.
Helping those who suffered from natural disasters in any possible way
Working with and supporting other communities and organizations who aim similar objectives
Attending local and international fairs and promoting participation
Creating a medium where people can meet, and keep their connections
Guidance towards many courses such as foreign languages, computer, etc.

Nurettin Gazi Misirli
Born in Halep, the Syrian businessman Gazi Mısırlı came to Turkey for university education in 1987. He graduated from ITU Management Engineering and decided to stay here. MUSIAD’s President Representative Mısırlı, is known for his opposing position against the Assad regime and his close relations with Syrian dissidents. Gazi Mısırlı is also closely interested in the Syrian camps and he visits them regularly.

Sofular Str. Selam Apt. No:33 Fatih, Istanbul
Telephone: +90 212 234 07 77
Email: info@darusselam.com
Web: www.darusselam.com

Update: 19.11.2019


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