Ghiras for Society Development Association

Cem'iyetü Giras li Tenmiyeti'l Müctema'
جمعية غراس لتنمية المجتمع
Ghiras for Society Development Association
(Giras Sosyal Kalkınma Derneği)

Memership Number: 245
Membership Date and Place: 21st February 2014, Yemen (16th Council)
Year Founded and Place: 2012, Lebanon
Area of Activities: Education and Culture, Humanitarian Aid
Country: Lebanon
President: Sami El sHatip

Short Introduction
The association was founded in 2012 in Beirut, Lebanon. The association carries out humanitarian activities in general. The work of the association is concentrated in the camps of Palestinian and Syrian refugees.

- Al-Falah project for thousands of families.
- Restoration project in more than 50 retail outlets
- Housing project consisting of more than 50 houses
- Psychological support projects for women.
- Reinforcement projects (sewing machines, sewing machines, bakeries, shaving salons and sheep and cow breeding)
- Consider the right campaign.
- The campaign for the absence of the husband from the family.
- Ramadan "heartfelt" campaigns - Afatat Ksoua and Aydia.
- Sacrifice campaigns - et Asahi - Idiya and Kaswa.
- Winter aid and winter cape.
- Assistance projects for thousands of families
- Personal leadership and management courses.
- Training sponsorship.

Sami El Hatip

Gotanı Nina 1 Selim  Salam Beyrut, Lübnan
Telefon :+ 961 130 90 73

Update: 22.05.2019


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