Bab-i Alem International Student Association

Bâb-ı Âlem Uluslararası Öğrenci Derneği

 جمعية باب عالم الطلاب الدولية

Bab-i Alem International Student Association


Membership Number: 199

Membership Date and Place: 19 February 2011, Pakistan (11th Council)

Foundation Year and Place: 2008, İstanbul

Work Field: Education and Culture, Youth, Research and Analysis

Country: Turkey

President: Mehmet Kara


Short Introduction

Bâb-ı Âlem is an international student association that aims to provide comprehensive training and thorough guidance for foreign students in Turkey. Bâb-ı Âlem, uplifted by its slogan ‘’We are a Society’’, initiated wide range of education and social-based programmes for multinational youths. The association foster the spirit of togetherness among these students. Bâb-ı Âlem International Student Association, is also a member of UDEF (International Student Associations Federation) that comprised of student associations which hosts international students across Turkey, UDEF is also a member of UNIW (The Union Of NGOs Of The Islamic World).



  • Initiate volunteer and dialogue platform among international youths and students who pursue their education in Turkey
  • Provide financial and moral support to the visiting students
  • Provide education and guidance services to the students


  • Sefine Düşünce ve Kültür Dergisi
  • Elsine Uluslararası Edebiyat Dergisi
  • Bab-ı Alem Faaliyet Bülteni


Mehmet Kara

was born in 1978, Adıyaman, Kahta . After completing his primary and secondary education in the province where he was born, he completed his undergraduate studies at History Department, Faculty of Literature, Istanbul University. In 2011, he presented his master’s thesis at the Department of History Social Sciences Institute, Dumlupınar University. His thesis is named as "Lozan Negotiations According to the Vakit Newspaper". During his undergraduate studies he joined the Science and Art Foundation programme; where he attended to the lessons of Teoman Duralı, Ismail Coşkun, Ahmet Davutoglu and Mustafa Budak. Between 2005 and 2012, he worked as a trainer and manager at the Disability Center of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Mehmet Kara, is among the founding members of the Istanbul International Student Association (ISUDER) and has held various positions in the International Student Association of the Bâb-ı Âlem, and still the chairman of this board.


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