İslamic Relief / İngiltere

Islamic Relief
الإغاثة الإسلامية
(İslami Yardım Teşkilatı)

Member ID: 67
Date and Place of Membership: 23 March 2006, Turkey (1st Council)
Date and Place of Foundation: 1984, Birmingham
Area of Activity: Humanitarian Aid
Country: United Kingdom
President: Mrs Lamia El Amri

Short Introduction
Islamic Relief was founded in 1984 to fight the ongoing poverty in Africa, by the students at University of Birmingham under the leadership of Dr. Hany el Banna. In 1985, its youth actively go from door to door and from masjid to masjid, to collect aid and sponsors for their first project, a chicken farm in Sudan.
In the next five years, Islamic Relief began its work in Mozambique, Iran, Pakistan, Malawi, Iraq and Afghanistan. Many important activities such as providing emergency aid, clothes and food distribution, healthcare and orphan assistance projects were carried out.
Islamic Relief is an important international organization that provides immediate assistance and conducts long-term projects in more than 40 countries.

Mrs Lamia El Amri

19 Rea St South Digbeth Birmingham B5 6LB United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 121 605 5555


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