Tawheed and Islah Movement Morocco

Hareketü't Tevhid ve'l Islah
حركة التوحيد والإصلاح
Tawheed and Islah Movement
(Tevhid ve Islah Hareketi)

Membership Number: 103
Membership Date and Place (Council): 22 June 2007, Netherlands (4th Council)
Year Founded and Place: 1996, Morocco
Area of Activities: Education and Culture, Tabligh and Dakwah, Academic Research and Analysis
Country: Morocco
President: Abdulrahim Şeyhi

Short Introduction
In 1996, Morocco was established in Morocco. The main focus of the movement are to spread the religion of Islam throughout the earth, to communicate and to invite the righteous people to the right path.

Active media engagement on more than 200 Islamic world issues and events since 1996
Publications of 14 books arranging from the topics of family, abortion, marriage and divorce.
Publication of 15 books on religious theme.
Conducting seminars, conferences, camps and various programs for young people.

Abdulrahim Şeyhi
Born in 1966
Head of Department at the Ministry of Finance of Morocco
2012-2015 Moroccan prime minister

Telephone: +212 377 37 885
Email: alislah.org@gmail.com
Web: www.alislah.ma


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