Turkey Beyaz Ay Association

Türkiye Beyaz Ay Derneği
جمعية تركيا بياز أي
Turkey Beyaz Ay Association

Membership Number: 317
Membership Date and Place: 25 July 2015, Turkey (19th Council)
Year Founded and Place: 1988, Istanbul
Area of Activities: Education and Culture, Law and Human Rights, Humanitarian Aid, Other
Country: Turkey
President: Nejla Sumer

Brief Introduction
Turkey Beyazay Association's foundation was laid in 1988 in Istanbul. The association was founded by visually impaired young people whose aim was to improve themselves, to strengthen their values and to convey their knowledge to others without much of their knowledge, but in the beginning, it operated as a working group without legal entity. After the beginning, the necessity of corporate restructuring became inevitable with the increase of participation and the differentiation of needs day by day in the form of reading books, watching movies, organizing interviews with writers, picnic and sightseeing organizations. In 1992, the Beyazay Working Group obtained the name of Beyazay Vision Disabled Association by gaining legal entity identity. With the completion of the legal process, disability-related activities also accelerated. In addition to the library and social activities, English and university preparatory courses were carried out with the help of volunteer teachers. At that time, they cooperated with the Workers' Institution for sock production courses and Qur'an courses were carried out with the Mufti.

Education Studies
Enlightment and Consciousness-raising Studies
Awareness building Studies
Support Services
International Studies

Nejla Sumer

Dunya Ticaret Center, Is Blokları A2 Block, Floor:5/207 Bakirkoy, Istanbul
Telephone: +90 212 465 38 85
Email: beyazay@beyazay.org.tr 
Web: www.beyazay.org.tr

Update: 29.05.2019


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