Vision Center for Political Development

Vizyon Siyasi Kalkınma Merkezi
مركز رؤية للتنمية السياسية
Vision Center for Political Development

Membership Number: 346
Membership Date and Place: 07 December 2017, Turkey (22nd Council)
Year Founded and Place: 2015, Istanbul
Area of Activities: Education and Culture, Youth, Law and Human Rights, Research and Analysis
Country: Turkey
President: Dr. Ahmed Atawna

Brief Introduction
Vision Center for Political Development, our main goal is to enhance the capabilities and potentials of political parties, civil society groups and individuals within the Arab region, with the aim of building democratic states and societies based on the principles of self-determination, freedom, equality and human dignity. It also aims to weaken violence and extremism through deepening awareness about moderation, and pluralism. Finally, it aims to contribute to people’s efforts to gain their political and civilian rights, with a special focus on the Palestinian people. Vision also aims to enhance the political potential of individuals, groups and parties in the region, in a way that serves the building of civil societies and democratic states based on principles of self-determination, freedom, quality and human dignity.

Dr. Ahmed Atawna

Ikitelli OSB Neighborhood, Ataturk Street, Mahmut Torun Is Center, No:54/7 Apartment:20 34490 Basaksehir, Istanbul
Telephone: +90 212 631 01 07

Update: 19.11.2019


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