African Development and Cooperation Association

Afrika Kalkındırma ve İşbirliği Derneği
جمعية أفريقيا للتنمية و التعاون
African Development and Cooperation Association

Membership Number: 351
Membership Date and Place: 07 December 2017, Turkey (22nd Council)
Year founded and place: 2016, Istanbul
Area of Activities: Education and Culture, Youth, Woman and Family, Tableegh and Da’wah, Health, Humanitarian Aid
Country: Turkey
President: Naser Ibrahim

Brief Introduction
We are a charity working on Africa's development through sponsorship, training and support the charities and eligibility organization working on the continent of. Achieving leadership in philanthropy and development in Africa as leading member societies in philanthropy and development in her country. Coordinating development consulting organization-supporting charities concerned with human development in the areas of education, health, social, cultural and economic development. Institutional Partnership Professional Quality and development humanity Transparency Teamwork volunteering. Our goals; Developing the efforts of associations and institutions working in Africa on training, rehabilitation and development, increasing the efficiency of member associations and maximizing their achievements and attaining member associations the ethics of charitable work.

Water well project
Iftar and shelter project
Qurban project
Training programs to increase working efficiency
Student sponsorship project
Masjid construction project
Quran distribution project
Dakwah training circuit

Naser Ibrahim
Naser Ibrahim, born in Egypt, graduated from Al-Azhar University Department of Tafsir and Hadith. Between 1987-2000, he worked as an imam preacher and teacher in countries of Africa; Egypt, Yemen, Ghana and Djibouti. He was the founding chairman of Ghana Al-Diaa Association between 2001-2011. From 2012 to 2013, he is a member of the board of trustees and chairman of the board of directors for Ghana Quran and Islamic Sciences Faculty. By 2014, he is the founding and Board member for Science and Technology University of Ghana Founding Board Member of Science and Technology University of Ghana. As for 2014-2015, he is the founding chairman of African Development and Solidarity Association. In 2016-2017, he is the founding chairman for the African Development and Cooperation Association. He has been working in Africa for more than 27 years. He had pioneered many activities in Senegal, Mali, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Benin, Uganda, Tanzania, Mozambique and South Africa.

Havaalani Neighborhood, Kisla Street, No:15/1 Esenler, Istanbul
Telephone: +90 555 803 07 65

Update: 27.11.2019


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