Al Berr Charitable Social Development Association

Cem'iyetü'l Berr li't Tenmiyeti'l İctimaiyeti'l Hayriye
جمعية البر للتنمية الاجتماعية الخيرية
Al Berr Charitable Social Development Association
(Berr Sosyal Kalkınma ve Yardım Derneği)

Membership Number: 263
Membership Date and Place: 21 February 2014, Yemen (16th Council)
Year Founded and Place: 2001, Yemen
Area of Activities: Education and Culture, Youth, Women and Family, Health, Humanitarian Aid
Country: Yemen
President: Saad Müsenna Abdullah

Short Introduction
Expanding public participation in the provision of humanitarian (development and assistance) services to the community, focussing on the youth sector and increasing their capacity to contribute effectively to development, establishing collaborative social relations with relevant institutions, associations and social figures in order to achieve the objectives of the association, priorities of the association in accordance with the aims and activities of the association to participate in local, regional and international institutions, organizations and associations and to contribute to the scientific, moral, cultural and social awareness of the society.

Saad Müsenna Abdullah

Sana’a, Yemen
Telephone: +967 243 1300



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  • Edirnekapı - Eyüp , İstanbul / TÜRKİYE
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