The Charitable Society for Social Welfare

Cem'iyetü'l Islahi'l İctimai'l Hayriye
جمعية الاصلاح الاجتماعي الخيرية
The Charitable Society for Social Welfare
(Islah Sosyal Hayır Derneği)

Membership Number: 362
Membership Date and Place: 07 December 2017, Turkey (22nd Council)
Year Founded and Place: 1990, Yemen
Area of Activities Education and Culture, Youth, Women and Family, Health, Humanitarian Aid
Country: Yemen
President: Murshid Ali İbn Ali Al Arshani

Short Introduction
The Charitable Society for Social Welfare (CSSW) was established in March 1990 by an elite of volunteers and social figures as a charitable NGO. It aims to implement its projects and
services according to periodical plans and developed strategy in addition to work approach based on scientific methodology in order to be a link between donors and beneficiaries. It has ISO
9001:2008 certificate.
CSSW’s administrative system depends on perfect planning and accurate evaluation relating to its projects and programs which implemented by the branches and
sectors in various governorates of Yemen. Also, CSSW invests all experiences to develop the administrative and financial system to cope with the rapid changes and developments.

Murshid Ali İbn Ali Al Arshani

Sana’a, Yemen
Telephone: +967 146 44 02

Update: 24.05.2019


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