Al Islah Islamic Society

Cem'iyetü'l Islahi'l İslamiye
جمعية الاصلاح الاسلامية
Al Islah Islamic Society
(Islah İslami Derneği)

Membership Number: 324
Membership Date and Place: 16 January 2016, Mecca (18th Council)
Founded Date and Place: 1977, Lebanon
Area of Activity: Education and Culture, Youth, Women and Family, Law and Human Rights, Tabligh and Dakwah, Health, Academic Research and Analysis, Humanitarian Aid
Country: Lebanon
President: Prof. Ra’fet Mikati

Short Introduction
The Islamic Islah Association was officially established in 1978 with the decision of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Lebanon numbered 44 / AD. One of the most important objectives of the association is to establish educational institutions in various stages of education such as night schools and technical and vocational institutes as well as kindergarten, primary school, secondary school and university, as well as acting in great role  to engage the citizens on cultural awareness through lessons, brochures, games and other approaches within the boundaries of Islamic law.

- University of Tripoli 2009
- Syrian female students received $ 120,000 in cash.
- Food parcel and palm were distributed to 300 Syrian families.
- 1,500 qurban.
- 1,500 families were given a blanket.
- 50 patients received $ 12,000 worth of medication.
- The mosque was built for 250 people.
- Girls' High School was built.
- The center for the promotion of Islam was opened.
- Breeding cultural center opened.

Ra’fet Mikati
- Rector of Trablus University 2016
- Usul Fıkıh (Doktorate) Beyrut
- YİK member
- He wrote many books and articles about family
- Attended many conferences and seminars as a speaker
- Poet

Tripoli, Lebanon, Abu Samra, Islah Street
Telephone: +961 644 72 00

Update: 22.05.2019



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