Zakat Fund in Lebanon

Sunduku'z Zekat fi Lübnan
صندوق الزكاة في لبنان
Zakat Fund of Lebanon
(Lübnan Zekat Fonu)

Membership Number: 366
Membership Date and Place: 13 July 2014, Turkey (19th Council)
Year Founded and Place: 1984, Lebanon
Area of Activities: Education and Culture, Humanitarian Aid
Country: Lebanon
President: İmad Itani

Short Introduction
The Zakat Fund of Lebanon was established to increase the number of charities in Lebanon and to promote the role of Muslims in the charity activities.

- Call for the payment of zakat, a fifth cornerstone of Islam
- Distribute the collected zakat and charity to the right holders as indicated in the holy Qur'an
- Collecting cash and in-kind benefits and donations from Muslims in Lebanon and abroad
- Distributing Zakat funds to legitimate banks
- Distribute charity and help to needs
- Educate Muslims on their religion and encourage them to adhere to religion
- To organize awareness campaigns

İmad Itani

Beirut, Lebanon
Telephone: +961 1 806 300, +961 1 861 604


  •  Defterdar Mh. Savaklar Cd. Emin Baba Köşkü No:1
  • Edirnekapı - Eyüp , İstanbul / TÜRKİYE
  •   Tel: +90 212 531 52 52
  •  Fax: +90 212 532 22 80
  •   Eposta:

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