Cambodian Muslim Intellectual Alliance (CMIA) / Kamboçya

Cambodian Muslim Intellectual Alliance (CMIA)
رابطة المثقفين المسلمين في كمبوديا
(Kamboçya Müslüman Entelektüeller İttifakı)

Member No: 101
The Date and  of the Membershi: 22 June 2007, Holland (4th Council)
The Date and Place of  the Foundation: 01 May 2004, Phnom Penh
The Field of Activity: Education, Youth, Communication and Innovation, Humanitarian aid
Country: Cambodia
President: Mohamad Farid Hosen

Short Presentation
Cambodian Muslim Intellectual Alliance (CMIA) was founded by Cambodian students that graduated from Cambodia local universities and abroad. The purpose of the organization is to improve the livinghood of Cambodian muslims by extending comprehensive support for community development. It had founded the establishment of CMIA International School in 2010 where 360 students have enrolled. They also collaborated with Global Peace Mission Malaysia on the opening of “Ummu Aiman Orphanage”, to accomodate and provide education to children between 10-16 years old. CMIA also conduct community projects in relative to Ramadan, qurban and provision of clean water. By August 2012, CMIA became a prominent founding member of Islamic Council for Development of Cambodia (ICDC).

Mohamad Farid Hosen
He is a graduate of Medine University. He also worked as as member of the UNIW in the past and he is also the adviser Adviser for Ministry of Religious and Cults of Cambodia

Sarpino Building, 150F1, St.289, Sangkat Beoung Kok1, Khan Toul Kork, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. P.O Box: 810
Telephone: +855 (7) 053 4505


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