Anatolia Education and Invitation Volunteers Platform

Anadolu Eğitim ve Davet Gönüllüleri Platformu
منبر التعليم والدعاة الأناضولي
Anatolia Education and Invitation Volunteers Platform

Membership Number: 390
Membership Date and Place: 19 November 2018, Turkey (25th Council)
Year founded and place: 2006, Istanbul
Area of Activities: Education and Culture, Youth, Woman and Family, Tableegh and Da’wah, Research and Analysis, Humanitarian Aid, Business World, Umbrella Organization
Country: Turkey
President: Turgay Aldemir

Brief Introduction
Anatolian platform is aim to perpetuate and move forward value of society, culture, custom, and most importantly, human. It’s a Non Governmental Organisation which is based on ancient value of nation has corporate consultancy. Anatolian Platform conducting activity about youth, woman, family, education, social aid, culture and art is purpose to bring together history, values, and humanity of peoples within each other.

Anatolian Meetings
Teachers Symposium
Studies on Women and Family
Student and Humanitarian Activities
Education and Cultural Activities

Turgay Aldemir
He was born in 1967 in Malatya. In 1987, he studied at Gaziantep University Mechanical Engineering Department. He actively participated in charity, education and cultural studies in different parts of the world. He conducted research on civil society organizations and social movements in various regions of the Islamic world. In 2006, he was among the founders of the Anatolian Platform, an umbrella organization for foundations and associations that shares a common goal and idea. He had presented papers at various symposiums, panels and workshops. His articles were published in various fields in newspapers and magazines. He is married and have five children.

Aksemsettin Neighborhood Halicilar Street No: 72 Fatih, Istanbul
Telephone: +90 212 632 34 34

Update: 10.05.2019


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