Al Resala Scientific Charitable Socitey

Cem’iyetu’r Risaleti’l İlmiyeti’l Hayriye
جمعية الرسالة العلمية الخيرية
Al Resala Scientific Charitable Society
(Risale Bilimsel Hayır Derneği)

Membership Number: 386
Membership Date and Place: 22 September 2018, Germany (24th Council)
Year Founded and Place: 2005, Palestine
Country: Palestine
President: Mousa Mahmoud Abdel Nabi Natsheh

Short Introduction
Al Resala Scientific Charitable Society is a non-governmental organization operating in the city of al-Khalil and dealing with charity work. The aim of the society is; granting scholarships to poor students at university, making buildings suitable for schools, health centers and social projects, supervising the projects until they are finished and supporting them to create a work. It is registered in the Palestine Associations Table. The society is trying to support the youth to ensure the success of the education for a better future of oppressed state Palestine.

- Give scholarships to students
- Free course training
- 6.000 books distribution to the West Bank and El-Halil libraries
- Annual book distribution to schools and universities

Mousa Mahmoud Abdel Nabi Natsheh
He was born in 1941 in Palestine. He graduated from accounting department in the University of Ain Shams in Egypt. He has been the director of Qatar University Library for 38 years. He is currently the Chairman of the Cem’iyetu’r Risaleti’l İlmiyeti’l Hayriye, El Halil El Hayri polikinliği ve Muntede’n Netşetu’l Ta’limi.

Ain Sara Street, Zalloum Tower, 3rd Floor, Alkhaleel, Palestine
Telephone: +972 229 93 90

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