Ikhlas Foundation

Ykylas Vakfı
وقف الإخلاص
Ikhlas Foundation
(İhlas Vakfı)

Member No: 121
The Date and Place of the Membership: 01 June 2008, Kuveyt (5th Council)
The Date and Place of  the Foundation: 1997, Chimkent
The Field of Activity: Education, Woman-Family, Humanitarian Aid
Country: Kazakhstan
President: Kalilla Madjanov

Short Presentation
Ikhlas Foundation was founded in Kazakhstan Chimkent in 1997. Its aim is to provide support to the orphans and children of poor families and to educate them.  More than 100 students are taking lessons in  İhklas Qur'anic courses which depends on Foundation.  Hundreds of Hafizs educated by the foundation have been employed in the Kazakhstan Religious Affairs. More than 50 studens are taking lessons in Female Qur'anic Course, which opened in 2016.

They have a newspaper with the name “ Ruhani Kazın” having 8 pages and being printed two times a week both in Kazakhtian and Russian languages.

Kalilla Majanov
Kalilla Majanov, was born in 08.05.1967 in Shymkent Kazakhstan, completed M. Avazov State University Pedagogy and Civilization Organization Department and Kazakh Arab University Theological Faculty.
He received Qur’anic education in Turkey during two years. He worked as a speaker in Language and Religion program in South Television channel between 2000 and 2002.
Currently, he carries out the presidency of the Darul Erkam Foundation and an Islamic Newspaper, Ruhani Hazine. He participated in many conferences and meetings in Turkey, Iran, Uzbekistan, United Arab Emirates, Kirghizstan, Russia, the United States.
Halilullah Madcanov, received the title of 'Respectable Human' from 'ADAMS' Center of Islamic Civilization, in Washington, the United States, Letter of Thanks from the governor of Shymkent and the President of Southern State B. Saparbayev and awarded with a medal from the President of Republic of Kazakhistan, N. A. NAZARBAYEV in the tenth anniversary activities of Astana.
Madcanov, received title of privilege by the new governor of Shymkent A. Cetmisbayev in the 17th anniversary of the independence of Kazakhstan and knows Russian and Turkish in an advanced level.
Currently, Halilullah works as the member of the Supervision Committee of the Union of the NGOS of the Islamic World (the UNIW). He is married and has five children.

Vice President
Ykylaskhan Mailan
He was born in 1985 finished Konya Selçuk University Faculty of Theology. He made MA studies in Islamic law. He has been working in Ikhlas Foundation since 2012. He is married and has three children.

Kazakistan, Shymkent Cit. Sever Building having no number
Telephone: +77 (25) 237 3132
Email: ihlas85@mail.ru


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