Association al Rachad of Development

Cem'iyetü'r Reşadi'l Hayriye
جمعية الرشاد الخيرية
Association al Rachad of Development
(Reşad Hayır Derneği)

Membership Number: 333
Membership Date and Place (Council): 29 May 2016, Malaysia (21st Council)
Year Founded and Place: 2001, Chad
Area of Activities: Education and Culture, Tabligh and Dakwah, Humanitarian Aid
Country: Chad
President: Dr. Yahya Abdullah Ahmet

Brief Introduction
Alrashad Association for Development is a non-governmental organization that provides voluntary and direct humanitarian assistance and services to those in need. Founded in 2001 in
Abeche city in the east, it is a local association that continues to provide services to many Wara centers, remote villages and rural areas.

Operating an education campus in Abous area
Building high school, secondary school and kindergarten in Anjmina and other regions
Introducing Islam to more than 300 thousand Christians
Organizing courses on computer, media, management and dakwah.
Constructed over 300 water wells, 60 mosques, 40 schools and employ 86 teachers
Organizing iftar projects, emergency aid and welfare projects

Dr. Abdullah Ahmet Yahya
Doctorate in Tafseer
A member of International Union of Muslim Scholars

Telephone: +235 996 980 00



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