Ensar Cultural Humanitarian Organization / Makedonya

Ensar Cultural Humanitarian Organization
منظمة الأنصارالإنسانية والثقافية
(Ensar Kültürel İnsani Yardım Teşkilatı)

Membership Number: 173
Membership Date and Place (Council): 21 November 2009, Kosova (8th Council)
Year Founded and Place: June 2002, Skopje
Area of Activities: Education-Culture, Humanitarian Aid
Country: Macedonia
President: Süleyman Baki

Short Introduction
Ensar Cultural Humanitarian Association was founded in 2002 in Skopje. Ensar Association, aims to develop inter-communal union and rapprochement in Macedonia, as it strives to provide services in both fields of cultural and aid. The association, which works with the support of the public and the businessmen, strives to maintain the material-spiritual values, to maintain our cultural values and to ensure prolonged solidarity within the country, to extend assistance to the poor, orphans and the needy by providing scholarships for them to study diligently, and to improve the sense of tolerance and helpfulness among the citizens.

Süleyman Baki
He teaches at the State University of Tetovo and preacher at the Üsküp Murat Paşa Mosque.

Ul:111 br: 37/2 Bezisten, Stara Carsiya, Cair-Skopje, Macedonia
Telephone: +389 2 323 13 98
Email: ensar_dernegi@hotmail.com


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  • Edirnekapı - Eyüp , İstanbul / TÜRKİYE
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