Nahla Centre for Education and Research

Nahla Centar Za Edukaciju i Istraživanje
مركز نحلة للتعليم والدراسات
Nahla Centre for Education and Research
(Nahla Eğitim ve Araştırma Derneği)

Member No: 187
The Date and Place of the Membership: 10 October 2010, Turkey (10. Council)
The Date and Place of the Foundation: 05 Juin 2001, S
The Field of Activity: Education,  Woman-Family, Law and Human Rights, Scholarly Research and Analysis
President: Sehija Dedovic

Short Presentation
Nahla was founded by young Bosnian women in 2001. The primary aim of the organization is to educate women on social and business progression. In 2010, it started to work in sectors of health, research and business consultation along with education. As a result, its name was changed to Nahla Centre for Education and Research. Nahla has education centers in Sarajevo, Bihac and Tuzla.  In relation to this fact, it continues to work in 40 divisions of research groups and education courses from which about ten thousand women benefit each year. The foundation offers paid services along with the gratuity ones. Among them are handicraft training and kindergarten for children.

Sehija Dedovic
She is a graduate of Theology Faculty, Urdun University. She finished her master studies in the International Relations Department, International University of Sarajevo.

Dzemala Bijedica 122, 71 000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Telephone: +387 (3) 371 0650


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