Humanitarian Aid Platform

Humanitarian Aid Platform

Humanitarian Aid Platform

Syrian and Central Africa Activities

Humanitarian charities, Unions, professional organizations and non-governmental organizations gathered under the roof of “Humanitarian Relief Platform” under the coordination of the Union of NGOs of the Islamic World (UNIW) and with the support of AFAD to ensure the highly qualified aid coordination in view of adverse conditions of ongoing three-year civil war.

In this context, İDSB, AFAD, TGTV, Turkish Red Crescent, Religious Foundation, Memur-sen, Hak-İş, Rabia Platform, Aid International Doctors Association, Ansagiad, Beşir, Cansuyu, Deniz Feneri, Dost Eli, World Orphans Foundation, Hayrat Humanitarian Relief Foundation, İHH, İsra, Relief Foundation, Sadakataşı, Şifa Platform, Verenel, Yardımeli and Earth Doctors came together.

In this period that a high level of humanitarian crisis, we shared our bread with our brothers/sisters through campaign of “A bread, A blanket” which attended by Turkey and many member countries last year.

This year, we launched an aid campaign named of “I Need You” for people who are experiencing difficulties and are the victims of the tragedy in Syria.

The introductory program of the aid campaign of “I Need You” organized by the Union of NGOs of the Islamic World (UNIW) was carried out with the participation of humanitarian relief organizations gathered under the roof of “Humanitarian Relief Platform” , foundations, associations, professional organization’s and 17 non-governmental organizations on 22 January.

The international aspects of campaign was activated through live connection with the countries of Malaysia, Indonesia, Pakistan, Belgium, France, USA, South Africa, Libya, Yemen, Lebanon with the title of “I Need You” and “Ahtacu İleyk” to be seen by politicians and international organization’s and be supported by them.

As of today, basic requirements has become irretrievable in Central African Republic which is dragged into instability quickly because of ongoing inhuman civil war in Central Africa, ethnic conflicts based on religion and political disturbance. Humanitarian Relief Platform evaluated on requirements regions, materials requirements and logistics methods with the reports and people who came from the region. After the evaluation, it was decided aid campaigning for region. “Central African Republic Aid Campaign” was announced to the public at Ali Emiri Cultural Center on 15th April.

64-ton freighter was sent to Cameroon on 24th July 2014 and to Chad on 10 June 2014 within campaign which being supported by premiership AFAD. Two million worth of humanitarian aid materials including health, housing, clothing materials collected by humanitarian relief organization’s in Turkey delivered to the refugee camps in Chad and Cameroon with the help of our Embassy.

Islamic World convenes in Istanbul for Yemen: International Conference on Humanitarian Aid for Yemen

Yemen was turned into an area of hegemony of the international powers as a result of the internal war that broke out. The chaotic situation caused by the Houthi violence brought about a Yemen where even security of life cannot be maintained.

Over 12 million people in the country are subject to the risk of hunger and death. The information gathered from the field and the news broadcasted by the international news agencies only help us get inured to the disaster. Because leaders of the countries of the Islamic world, who have difficulty in acting in such cases, do not come together, they are unable to display an ability of common sense and action. It was only non-governmental organizations and international civil initiatives again who weren’t indifferent to this situation.

The Union of NGOs of the Islamic World (UNIW) took action with the intention of becoming scalpel for this ailment together with many organizations and institutions who act with ummah sensitivity. UNIW, Organization of Islamic Cooperation, Masajid International Organization, World Assembly of Muslim Youth and Union for Yemen Humanitarian Aid Organizations combining their potentials organized the International Conference on Humanitarian Aid for Yemen. In the conference held in Istanbul on August 14-15th 2015, project-based developmental objectives were set which financially amounted to 200 million $ in total.

The conference hosted international organizations, non-governmental organizations, activists and businessman from the Islamic world.

The following were targeted at the meeting:

  • To mobilize all humanitarian aid organizations and individuals for Yemen,
  • To shed light on the humanitarian drama in Yemen,
  • To provide essential emergency aid supplies for the afflicted Yemeni people,
  • To contribute to development and re-structuring,
  • To form a database for the humanitarian crisis in Yemen and conduct the aid distribution according to international humanitarian standards.

According to this:

  • Food: Distributing 2.5 million boxes of food.
  • Clean Drinking Water: Distributing clean water with tankers at 250 regions every day regularly.
  • Shelter:Solving out the accommodation problem of 100 thousand families.
  • Refugees: Delivering aid to 20 thousand refugees.
  • Health: Supporting mobile health services, hospitals and clinics for the treatment of the injured.
  • Dialysis Centers: Finding solutions for the problems of the existing dialysis centers.
  • Combating Dengue Fever: Dengue Fever is dengue virus-borne infection. Mosquitoes pass on dengue virus. It is also referred to as dengue fever since it causes people to suffer severe pain as if their bones were being broken.
  • Orphan: Providing financial support for 25 thousand orphan families.
  • Development: Providing development aid for 3 thousand 150 villages.

The aforementioned concrete objectives will be finalized by a commission to be formed and under the light of a certain schedule that will be determined.

Exchanges of ideas and discussions held throughout the conference focused on seeking permanent and concrete projects not only for the contemporary problems and needs of Yemen but also for working out solutions for future problems. Besides donation sessions, works of artists were demonstrated to be sold for donation purposes.

As a result of sincere and organized efforts, aid pledges amounting to 200 million $ were taken, which will enable core projects to be realized.

It was agreed in the conference that they wouldn’t suffice with mere humanitarian aid but organize development projects and would start working immediately to implement these projects by means of commissions and working groups that were to be formed after the conference.