1st International ASSAM Islamic Union Congress


1st International ASSAM Islamic Union Congress

1st International ASSAM Islamic Union Congress

The International ASSAM Islamic Union Congress held at Istanbul WOW Hotel on 23-24 November 2017 with the theme “Management Forms in the Past and Sunshine Islamic States”.

ASSAM, Association of Justice Advocates Association (ASDER), Üsküdar University and The Union of NGOs of the Islamic World (UNIW), organized to produce academic and political identification and solution proposals for the current problems in Islamic countries and attended by representatives from 35 different countries. At the opening of the Congress, Adnan Tanrıverdi, Chairman of the Board and President of the ASSAM stated that the Islamic world is the target of global powers.

After the demolition of the Ottoman Empire, the Muslims, who were left out of control, expressed that they tried to maintain their existence by establishing small statues but they became easy bites for the global powers because they lost their unity and solidarity. Goddardi noted that the purpose of the congress was to lay the foundations of the institutions necessary for the gathering of the Islamic countries under a common will and noted that it is necessary to consult how the “Islamic Union Administration” can be shaped by examining the forms of administration that have been passed down from now on so that the people of the Muslim countries can be gathered under the common will.

President of ASDER and President of Üsküdar University Dr. Nevzat Tarhan also spoke about the social problems experienced in the Islamic world. Tarhan, who compared the problems of Islamic geography to illnesses, made the assessment that these are desperation, warriors to act with reason, authoritarianism, expecting a constant salvation and ‘community narcissism’, that is to keep the interests of his community, Salah Abdulmesud, who served as the Minister of Information in the government of Mursi, who was removed from office by coup in Egypt, emphasized that the most important problem of the Islamic world is the disappearance of the ummah consciousness.

Abdulmesud explains that Islamic brotherhood, the union’s aim, the work of showing the evil of Islam and aiming at the resources of the ummah were made, Abdulmesud used the phrase “Even in the case of these studies, the World Muslim Scholars Union even took the terrorist organization list”.

General Secretary of the World Muslim Scholars Association Ali Montenegro pointed out that the main problem in Islamic geography is the distance from the unity and brotherhood.

The Secretary General “is unable to unite under the strains experienced by the Islamic world. God forbids us to disrupt the unity between us, to be scattered. “

AK Party Istanbul deputy Metin Külünk said that the imperialist powers on Islamic geography were in a game in every period of history. The last one of these games was that he had disabled President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Workshops held at various topics during two days congress.