Albanian Orphans Gathering and Iftar Program


Albanian Orphans Gathering and Iftar Program

Albanian Orphans Gathering and Iftar Program

We participated in the Albanian Orphans Gathering and Iftar Program held at Skanderbeg Square in Tirana organized by Alsar Foundation, one of our members in Albania. The iftar program was filled with the festive and excited atmosphere of Ramadan.

UNIW, together with TIKA, and our members, WEFA Humanitarian Aid Association, Hayrat Humanitarian Aid Association and RIBAT Humanitarian Aid Association had organized an iftar program.  Among the attendees of this event are the Undersecretary of Turkey’s Embassy in Tirana, Mr Muammer Hakan Cengiz; UNIW’s Corporate Relation Officer, Mr Adil Yarangumeli, the Chairman of Turkey’s Red Cresent Antalya Branch, Mdm Esra Ozkoc; Chairman of Turkey’s Red Cresent Bilecik Branch, Mr Mefail Ates; and the Mayor of Tirana, Mr Abbas Hado.

Speaking at the iftar program, the President of Alsar Foundation, Mr Mehdi Gura said, “On behalf of the needy, we would like to extend our thanks to the NGOs, institutions and officials that lent their support all the way from Turkey. It is a great pleasure to have an iftar at such a place, in the Skanderbeg Square.”

Later on, the Mayor of Tirana, Abbas Hado gave his speech, “Firstly, I would like to thank Alsar Foundation especially for their humanitarian aid activities. I would also like to thank all institutions and individuals that have contributed to the realization of this beautiful iftar program in this blessed month.”

In the speech of the Undersecretary of Turkish Embassy, Mr Cengiz, he expressed that the Turkish institutions will continue to be a close friend to Albania, and wishes everyone a great Ramadan.

Apart from the iftar program, there are also some entertainment program for the children to have fun and the program ended with the recitation of the Quran.