Conference on “International Humanitarian Action between the East & the West”


Conference on “International Humanitarian Action between the East & the West”

Conference on “International Humanitarian Action between the East & the West”

The Turkish Red Crescent and Eid Charity held conference on “International Humanitarian Action between the East & the West” on 26-27 March 2017 in Doha, the capital of Qatar.

Turkish Red Crescent Chairman Dr. Kerem Kinik, as well as Turkey’s Doha Ambassador Fikret Ozer, Qatar Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Director Tariq al-Ansari, attended the opening of the conference and Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Humanitarian Affairs Deputy Secretary General Hisham Yusuf has done.

The Union of NGOs of The Islamic World (UNIW), Human Foundation, Human and Civilization Movement, Turkish Red Crescent, Turkey Religious Foundation for Human Rights and Freedoms (IHH) Humanitarian Aid Foundation, Doctors Association, Cansuyu, Lighthouse Society, Bektir Association and Aziz Mahmud Hüdayi Foundation and other 56 institutions from both domestic and foreign countries participated to this two days conference.

The President of the Red Crescent Dr. Kerem Kinik, expressed Turkey’s Syrian refugees in their efforts to host and humanitarian approaches to crises around the world of humanitarian organizations in Turkey, “in order to find real solutions to the crisis in the countries that experienced the disaster hand in hand with humanitarian aid organizations in the Arab world needs to make a concerted effort.” he said.

Eid Charity (Eid-Hayriyye) Association General Manager Ali es-Suveydi  said that “Humanitarian activities are being carried out with difficulty in this world where the problems are intertwined and the events become complicated,”  in the conference . The fact that charitable organizations are affected by the difficulties in the world, Suveydi called for partnership among different humanitarian organizations to remove the obstacles in front of the poor people’s activities.

In the seven sessions held in the conference, topics such as charities and difficulties in the shadow of increasing crises with global realities, financing of human projects, partnership in fieldwork and increasing cooperation were also discussed.

Speaking in the sessions, UN Secretary General Secretary Av. Ali Kurt, stressing that the humanitarian organizations in Turkey to remain indifferent to the humanitarian crisis in the world in this area of the world, Turkey’s per capita amount of assistance underlined firstly.

At the end of the conference, it was decided to establish the International Humanitarian Aid Platform.