International Conference on Imams and Preachers


International Conference on Imams and Preachers

International Conference on Imams and Preachers

UNIW and Heyel al Alemia lil Masajid jointly organized 1st International Imam and Preacher Conference called “Extremism, The Role of the Imam and Preacher against radicalism and terror” in Istanbul on 29-30 April 2016.  500 scholars from 70 countries and 5 continents imams and preachers attended to the Conference. In the Conference it was presented more than twenty scientific researches in the following four areas.

1. Imams’ responsibility towards to religion and society,

2. Imams’ role against extremism and fight against terrorism

3. In order to meet the expected services from mosques improving the ability of chaplains

4. intellectual and cultural initiatives against extremism, radicalism and terrorism

There has been organized workshops in respect of the services expected from the mosques, educational programs in developing society and communication skills of imams and organized public relations and communication training programs for the members of Heyel al Masajid. In addition, the presentation tables were set up and strategic plan of Heyel al Masajid were explained to the delegations.

At the Closing thank you messages were read by the participants to the following authorities,

1. To Hadim’ul Harameyn King Salman bin Abdul Aziz for his contribution for establishment of Islamic unity and for the service to Haramayn.

2. To former chairman of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and current President Recep Tayyip Erdogan for his support for this conference, for bringing Muslims together, for his contributions in ensuring the unity of Islam,

3. To the Rabita’tul Islamic General Secretary Mr. Dr. Alturkey Abdullah for inviting ongoing dialogue to strengthen ties between Muslims,

In speeches, speakers focused especially on the expected service of mosques in trouble times and they appreciated Saudi Arabia Kingdom for its works against for terrorism, radicalism and fights against extremism

For two days, four scientific sessions / detailed discussions / negotiations took place. At the end of the conference participants have suggested the following advices;

  • To publish guidance book for imams and preachers by Heyet al Masajid
  • To publish international agreement to the mosques by Heyet al Masajid
  • In order to improve Imam and preacher’s performance, to continue theoretical and practical workshops and training programs,
  • To set up exhibitions related to the world mosques via Heyet al Masajid Organization,
  • To translate of the sermons of especially Haremeyn imams for the terms of supporting fight against extremism, radicalism and terrorism
  • To give awards to imams and preachers two times in a year in order to their performance of bringing social peace in community. The criteria should be determined by Heyet al Masajid,
  • To set up regional, international and continental conferences about Missions of Mosques, to give importance of imam and preachers’ role in peace and finding middle way and avoiding extreme things,
  • To strengthen communication between Islamic Centers in order to meet Co-ordination and provision of services from the mosques,
  • To create scientific database which the criteria will be determined by Heyel al Masajid,
  • To open Religious Centers where trained imam and preachers in the Muslim minority regions, to give importance in avoiding excesses and building cohesion in communities.
  • To contact with media organizations in order to reveal the role of mosques and original sermons,
  • In order to create awareness, International and Islamic media organizations should make programs about mosques,
  • To bring universities, a group of scholars and research centers together to point to the role of mosques and mosque services,
  • To encourage researchers, scientific and individuals to make research on mosques and their roles in communities, to mention about the services of the most influent preachers in the last century,
  • To promote imam and preachers to mention Islamic subjects based on human values, human development, invitation to dialogue and cooperation between Islamic civil societies,

To determine of the criteria of the education and invitation system elements (orators, preachers, mosques, content, methods, actions) and to identify quality standards and characteristics of works in this area.