Meeting With Senator Talha Mahmood


Meeting With Senator Talha Mahmood

Meeting With Senator Talha Mahmood

A meeting was held with the Senator Talha Mahmood from Pakistan Parliament on 06.01.2018 at Istanbul Fatih with the participations of Secretary General of UNIW Att. Ali Kurt and Head of UNIW Europe-America Desk Waqar Badshah.

The meeting was held within the framework of three main headings as Kashmir Conference, International Youth Gathering and International Rakhine Consortium.

The Secretary General shared information about the current situation of the Kashmir Conference Project. Senator expressed that they are ready to support Kashmir Conference in every possible way.

When the Senator was asked for his support for organizing the International Youth Gathering in Pakistan, he said that he would gladly support and shared the details. Senator gave information about their assistance programs for Rakhine both as a party and personally.

It was discussed how the public, NGOs and private enterprises in Pakistan could support the International Rakhine Consortium. Secretary General said that Turkey provided support to both Syrian and Arakanese brothers and sisters, as a country and as NGOs in every possible way and added that he also witnessed the blessings of it too.

The meeting has ended with prayers and exchanging gifts.