Ottoman Turkish Courses Certificate Giving Ceremony


Ottoman Turkish Courses Certificate Giving Ceremony

Ottoman Turkish Courses Certificate Giving Ceremony

The trainees that had completed Ottoman Turkish Course, held in Adana and its districts, organised by Hayrat Foundation in collaboration with the Ministry of National Education, were celebrated in a certificate giving ceremony.

The program took place on Saturday, 19th of January 2019 at the Conference Hall of Ramazanoglu Mosque, begins with the recitation of al-Quran ul-Karim, read by the Imam of Seyhan Haci Alo Kalakoglu Mosque, Mr. Abdurrahman Kaya.

Mr. Mustafa Topoz, Hayrat Foundation representative in Adana, gives his speech on the importance to preserve Ottoman Turkish as national culture and inherited by the future generations. Mr. Topoz also emphasized in his speech that nowadays most people only use around 300-500 words in their daily conversations, thus degrading their proficiency of their language that even some Turkish cannot understand the words in their national anthem.

After the opening speech by Mr. Mustafa Topoz, the audience were presented to a film by Hayrat Foundation.

After the screening, Secretary General of The Union of NGOs of the Islamic World (UNIW), Atty. Ali Kurt was invited to the stage to give a speech on “The Islamic Union in Youth Institutions”. “Allah entrusted me with the job to help the youth”, Atty. Ali Kurt underlined this hadith by the Prophet (P.B.U.H.) to reflect that the magnificent transformation of the then ignorant society into a righteous one was made possible with strong support from young people, and so the liberation of the currently oppressed Muslim countries is also achievable with the commitment from the youths. Atty. Ali Kurt also reaffirm the subjects with many striking examples from time to time, emphasizing that our biggest obstacle is not the global superpowers, but our own self, and the only solution is by reinstating our values.

After the speech by Atty. Ali Kurt, Mr. Mehmet Pektas, a volunteer of Hayrat Foundation who loves the Quran, was invited to the stage to read an original letter of a Canakkale martyr to his wife, and had swept the hall full of emotions.

As the end of the program, 10 trainees were invited to the stage, representing all trainees and were given their certificate with warm congratulation wishes. The certificates for other eligible trainees were later distributed at the hall’s foyer.