TIKA Experıence Sharıng Program


TIKA Experıence Sharıng Program

TIKA Experıence Sharıng Program

UNIW Deputy Secretary General, Mr Ahmet Akay Azak; Corporate Relations Officer, Mr Adil Yarangumeri; and President of Young UNIW, Mr Serdar Bayram had participated in the “TIKA Experience Sharing Program 2019”.

The “Experience Sharing Program” was held at TUGVA Florya High Education Male Student Dormitory, sharing on the progress of its global volunteer vision. On 2017, TIKA had launched a global volunteer vision that gather participation from university students in development-oriented projects . The program will reach out to 35 provinces in Turkey and 500 students from various universities will undergo trainings according to the activities that would be implemented.

The President of World Ethnosport Confederation, Mr Bilal Erdogan, applauded TIKA on their good works, conducting significant development activities in many parts of the world. He also implied that TIKA does not only benefited the local community, but also spreads to the rest of the Ummah, including even the indigenous Americans and disasterous areas in Africa. Mr Erdogan reiterated that TIKA is an institution that extensively provide services and assistance that reaches out to tribes that does not even have access to any water source for drinking.

Mr Erdogan stated that Turkey had made significant difference in the scope of humanitarian activities and the youths should seize the opportunities to volunteer in various countries.

Mr Bilal Erdogan had addressed the youths as follows: “You can always support Turkey through your activism in other countries, as you will find that we have no vested interest except to carry out development activities, in the name of our proud nation. And you will be proud of our faith. Because it is a fact that such exemplary deeds are highly commendable in our faith. I suppose that there are many questions in your mind as youths about your future, but when you join in these works you will see that it fits both your interest and the interest of our country, as well as the aspiration of our President, Mr Recep Tayyip Erdogan, and you will be prouder of our our nation and our faith.”

In addition highlighting youths’ contribution in its projects, Mr Erdogan stressed that TIKA will pursue to gain better recognition of its accomplishments in the countries it serves.

The program ended with a commemorative photo taken with the university students.