UNIW Meets Officials in Yemen


UNIW Meets Officials in Yemen

UNIW Meets Officials in Yemen

UNIW; AFAD President, Mr. Mehmet Gulluoglu; AFAD Head of Improvement Department, Mr Mahmud; and Turkey’s Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, Mr. Ismail Catakli, had made a visit to Yemen on 14th January 2019.

The program began with a visit to the Prime Minister of Yemen, Mr. Maeen Abdulmalik Saeed at his office.

At the meeting, Mr Maeen highlighted the major epidemics experienced by Yemen since 2015, and since the war had collapsed its economy, his main responsibility is to overcome this problems and he believes that they could succeed with the support of their sister countries, such as Turkey.

The Deputy Minister, Mr.Catakli reiterated that Turkey always stand by Yemen, they support the legitimate government of Yemen and its territorial sovereignty, and expressed their readiness to cooperate on solving the dire humanitarian crises in many areas of Yemen. On that matter, Yemeni officials underlined that the aids provided by Turkey could be delivered to the affected areas through the coordination with the local government.

The delegation then met with the Minister of Local Authorities, Mr Abdurrakip Fatah and his officer, who is the Chairman of Humanitarian Aid Commission, and discussed the humanitarian situation in Yemen. Also present at the meeting are the Undersecretary to the Minister of Agriculture, Mr Jamal Husein; Advisor to the Minister, Mr. Muhammad Hasan el-Masri; and Coordinator for Humanitarian Aid, Mr. Mohammad al-Saud.

Mr.Catakli, the Deputy Minister, stated that TIKA has an office in the region and there is a permanent coordinator at the office, so that all projects can be coordinated through TIKA.

After the meeting, the delegation met with Yemen’s Minister of Interior, Mr. Ahmed Al-Misri and Minister of Technical Education and Vocational Training, Mr. Abderrazak to listen their requests and consults on how to improve the region.

Afterwards, on their way back from Yemen, the delegation attended a dinner hosted by Turkish Ambassador to Amman, Mr. Murat Karagoz. UNIW General Coordinator had presented information regarding UNIW during the dinner.