“WOMEN! Pillars of Civilizations” Conference


“WOMEN! Pillars of Civilizations” Conference

“WOMEN! Pillars of Civilizations” Conference

“WOMEN! Pillars of Civilizations” Conference
11-13 March 2018 Lahore, Pakistan

UNIW Co-Chair of the International Family Institute Dr. Rabiye Yılmaz and UAE Officer in charge Erva Mollaibrahimoglu participated in two programs held in Lahore, Pakistan between 11-13 March 2018.

“WOMEN! Pillars of Civilizations” conference started with Quran Chant. In her salutation speech, IMWU Secretary General Dr. Samia Raheel Qazi emphasized that the relationship between the mother and child begins the civilization and the future of the society was based on the women and that values were learned from the women.

In her speech which was titled as “Empowering Women for the construction of a Nation” Durdana Siddiqui stated that civilizations can never make progress without women.

In her speech which was titled as “Women’ Empowerment in the Academy”, Nursanita Nura emphasized the importance of the education of women in the family with the hadith of Prophet Muhammed (S.A.V) which said, “Education is a religious duty for both men and women.”

Co-President of UAE Rabiye Yilmaz gave a speech on “Women’ Empowerment, Family Institute and Health”. In her speech, Yilmaz stated that the definition of human kind renewed and a new definition of man, woman and child has come to existence in the modern world.

Today’s modernist perspective turns a woman’s life into a struggle for existence by means of women must leave the house in order to socialize and work. In addition to that, through the perceptions of ‘women should get economic independence’ and ‘women should be free man and strong’ the family institutions had taken a major blow.

In her speech titled as “Empowering Women in Social Entrepreneurship”, Aciha Yakan emphasized that while women’s status in social entrepreneurship, both working and in terms of leadership, is between %50-65 in the United Kingdom and the United States, it is %20-30 in Pakistan and India. She listed the factors that prevented women from becoming a social entrepreneur and gave recommendations for each.

In his speech titled as “Economic Empowerment”, Dr. Afaf Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed Hussain drew attention to the Sura of Nisa and emphasized that Islam has given women different powers.

After the speeches, a prayer was made and break was made for meal and prayer.

In the second half of the program 4 workshops on ‘Confrontation and Discrimination with Extremism and Terrorism’, ‘Diversity, Coverage and Interfaith Dialogue’, ‘Peaceful Unity and Social Intergration’ and ‘Global Conflict and Peace Building’ were held.

Dr. Rabiye Yilmaz and Erva Mollaibrahimoglu participated in the workshop titled ‘Global Conflicts and Peace Building’. In the workshop, the situation in the conflict zones such as Palestine, Kashmir, Rohingya, Iraq, Syria and Sudan were evaluated and solutions were consulted.

After the results of the workshops were presented by the Presidents, the Lahore Declaration was discussed as final topic of the conference.

Then, a Pakistani brother who joined the Conscience Convoy on the Syrian border shared his feelings and impressions.

The day after their visit to Pakistan, two attended to IMWU Council Meeting. The meeting started with members introducing themselves.

They talked about how to help women in Africa to do projects. The IMWU headquarters and district officials provided information on the projects that are carried out by presenting the activity reports.

The meeting ended with gifts and prayers.