Workshop on Awareness of Humanitarian Aid Intervention Mechanism


Workshop on Awareness of Humanitarian Aid Intervention Mechanism

Workshop on Awareness of Humanitarian Aid Intervention Mechanism

AFAD and the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UN-OCHA) had organized a training program on 16-17 July 2019, held in AFAD’s Istanbul Centre, with the theme “Capacity Building for NGOs”, which aims to improve the capacity of NGOs in relation to international humanitarian aid mechanisms and country-based humanitarian pool funds. Mr Ahmet Akay Azak, the Deputy General Coordinator of UNIW, participated in the program.

The opening speech for the event was given by the President of AFAD, Dr. Mehmet Gulluoglu. In his speech, he said that, “We are constantly thinking, developing and improving our efforts to tackle the problems faced by this society. This is the reason why we are carrying out this program, on this topic, so we may gather and reflect on these ideas.”

The Head of UN-OCHA Regional Office, Dr. Iyad Nasr, in his speech had said, “OCHA are looking forward for more strategic joint-works with AFAD and serious support from the state of Turkey, as we are both pursuing for the empowerment of national-level NGOs. I believe it is good for our morale to join forces with the NGOs, especially those who are already prominent in humanitarian activities.”

The two-days training program started right after the two opening speeches.

Program discusses on; UN System, Basic Principles of Humanitarian Aid, Evaluation and Analysis, Overview of Humanitarian Needs, Emergency Response Plan, Accountability On Oppressed Individuals, Civil-Military Cooperation, Information Management and Needs Analysis, International Humanitarian Law, Human Rights Law, Fund Mechanism and Pool Funds.

The program was concluded after certificate-giving ceremony.