Common Sense and Being In Union

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Common Sense and Being In Union

Common Sense and Being In Union

I give my condolences to whom who lost their lives in a terrorist attack in Ankara and pass my get soon well wishes to those who injured in action. I am sorry for our lost.

This is the same distuptive terorist attack to our unity. It has the same aim like it happened before in Suruc and Diyarbakir.

We are brothers and sisters together in union with Kurdish, Turkish people, Persians, Arabs, Sunnis, Alewis in this glorious land.

Whoever those traitors, we are not from them and they are not from us. For us if only one person being slaughtered, it means all humanity being slaughtered. We always protest teror and we always will do as belong to this previous religion Islam.

We are aware of those dirty scenarios which being played on us by those dark forces and foreing powers. Those betrayers should know that if they have a plan, Allah has plans too. Every dirty step they make on us should empower our awaraness of values and unity.

It is time for sobriety, discretion, unity, patience, steadiness, stability and valiancy. Turkish Government would fight against terrorism steadfastly with caution, would continue to do the right things in terms of keeping the peace, would take a firm stand being strong.

We know that you do not get something for nothing. Not only Turkey, but Syria, Iraq, Palestine, Yemen, Egypt, briefly all Islamic World pay this price to get our well being.

As UNIW we will always pray for and be a close follower of Turkish Government as it fights to protect our cultural and Islamic values in this unjustice, double standart, self seeking dominated world. Again I am sorry for our lost.